What is CSH (Community Supported Herbalism)?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a model most often used by vegetable farms: you purchase a share at the beginning of the year and then receive a share of the produce on a regular basis. Currently, many other groups (herbalists, fermenters, etc.) are doing the same thing to promote their artisanal, organic, and natural products in their communities. Mothering Herbs herbal CSA/CSH is a bit different in that shares will include herbal products (balms, syrups, vinegars, teas, etc.). Joining a CSA/H is a great way to support your local food system, explore new herbs and foods, receive herbal info and recipes in every monthly newsletter, get to know the people who grow and produce your food, and live more sustainably. Mothering Herbs is proud to be the first Herbal CSA in North Alabama!

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This is how it works: First ask yourself this question; would you like to receive, once a month, nourishing face and body creams, herbal bath soaks, medicinal herbal balms, delicious herbal teas, and many more of our products? These could be chosen by Mothering Herbs to be in tune with the seasons or you have the option to pick the items you would like in your box.  The order forms need to be submitted the month before your box is due for pickup as some items need four weeks to make (4-Thieves Vinegar, Infused Oils, etc.) or you can submit all the forms at the beginning of your CSH.

You buy what is called “shares”…meaning a share for 3 months, 6 months, or a year. Your share is delivered to a pick up location and/or can be shipped. The shares are different sizes and different lengths of time and are priced as follows:

Small share= 2 products per month $32.00 per month or $86.40 for three months, 172.80.00 for six months, and 345.60 for a year.

Large share= 6 products per month 72.00. 3 months (194.00) 6 months (388.00) 12 months (777.60)

You can pay by the month (payment due one month before the boxes are prepared) or you can pay for the entire season  (3, 6, or 12 months) up front and get  a 10% discount!

Know someone who might be interested? Get them to sign up and you get 10% off your share!

Do both and get 15% off!

Want to gift someone a share? We will ship!

Each share will contain educational information on each product included, fresh, and small batch blended herbal products as well as recipes and herbal education.  And, you will be supporting a local, small, herbal business in your community.


You might be asking yourself WHY buy into a CSH? Why not just order the week of and have your local herbalist deliver? Good Questions! A CSA/CSH allows the farmer/herbalist to know who is buying before the season, month, holiday rush, etc. This also allows them to have a better idea for budgeting, buying products to create items, and feel a little more supported by the local community.

At Mothering Herbs you can rest assured you are supporting a Family! We are a a husband and wife and two small children living on a local, organic, sustainable farm, with animals, herbs and more! I am a stay-at-home Mom running a small cottage industry herbal business and farm. When you choose to buy from us, you support our family buying a microscope for our children to study with, going on a field trip across country, or just simply adding a little more to our holiday table. We are always grateful for our amazing customers!!!


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Our Products: All of our products are made in small batches, by hand, with locally-sourced and organic herbs and ingredients. Shares include handmade, organic products that are seasonal favorites and may include the newest creation of the season as well. They may include tincture, balms, herb infused vinegars and oils, body/face cream, baths, sprays, syrups, honeys, teas, and more; all seasonally inspired.

We will also offer a special holiday box that can be shipped to the person(s) of your choice and has the option to contain items for your family (ie Holiday De-stress Spray, Bath, and Tea) or something you can give as gifts (ie lip balms, healing balms, Sprays, Herbal tea blends, Vanilla Extract Kit, Herbalist Kit, etc. ) and we will provide a form so you can fill out your preferences.

Fall Large Share Example: Fall wellness basics (Elderberry Syrup, Healing Balm, Fresh and Locally harvested Holy Basil Tincture, Lip Balm, Fall herbal Tea Blend, Fall Blend Home and Body Spray.

Herbal CSH boxElderberry Syrup

This is an example of an order form for the CSH:

Mothering Herbs Herbal Share Choose Your Own Sheet (must be turned in one month before share pick up)

Choose and circle your share size Small  Large

List One:  Small choose 1 Large choose 2 

Please check which (1 or 2) items you would like. If you don’t want something from this list, please choose (Small choose 3 items from List Two, Large chooses 6 items) from List Two.


___Elderberry Syrup made with local Honey and Organic berries. Immune supporting syrup

___Elderberry Ginger Syrup the same immune support with a little warmth and stimulation from organic ginger root.

___ Cough Syrup

___Fire Cider

___Herbal Infused Honey

___Hand Sanitizer Spray

___Home and Body Spray (Scents: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Sage and Cedarwood, Peppermint, Lemongrass, or blends of any of these).


List Two: Herbal Tea and Products: Small choose 1, Large choose 3

If you didn’t want something from list one, please choose (Small choose 3 items from List Two, Large chooses 6 items) from List Two.


Herbal Teas 3 oz each check which herb blends or singles or blend your own.



_____Immune Boosting


_____Sweet Dreams



Herbal Products

___1 oz Healing Balm All-purpose balm for boo boos, scrapes, cuts, stings and more

___1 oz Chest Rub for Adults or the over 10 crowd to help with chest congestion.

___1/2 oz Athletic Balm Sooths muscle pain, strain and aches.

___1 oz Soothing Balm is fantastic for soothing bumps, bites, and mild stings

___1 oz Activated Charcoal Balm this is our go-to for stings and poisonous bites

___1/2 oz Super Soothing Balm Extra strength for soothing when extra care is needed

___1 oz Lotion Bar

___ 1/2 oz Face and Body Lotion

Have any questions? Ready to sign up? Contact us on the form below or place your order here!

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