Lotion Bar


Bee Lotion Bar


Lotion Bars: Decandent, Organic lotion bars that melt into your skin, soothing and softening as needed. Infused with healing and soothing herbal oil and combined with butters and beeswax to create a bar that is as soothing as it is beautiful.  Perfect for Self Pampering and Gifts.

Bee Lotion Bar is priced and is 1 oz.

Contact us to special order the Fairy Lotion Bar at 2 oz and 20.00 each

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  1. Motherin

    “Got my beeswax lotion bars. LOVE THEM. They are essential to my work as a fiber artist. If I don’t have something to use for my dry skin, the fibers stick to me like velcro. Silk is especially bad about this!
    These lotion bars have just the right amount of beeswax so that I’m not oily, but the right amount of other ingredients to keep my hands feeling wonderful for a good long while. It doesn’t immediately rub off on my fiber, so I don’t have to worry about contamination or oily spots on something that I’m working with (and will be selling in my shop!).
    Thank you for such a great new product. :)” G. Platz

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