Post-Partum Sitz Bath




Organic Comfrey Leaf, Plantain Leaf, and Lavender Flowers combine to create a healing sitz bath created for after birth. Used by midwives, Doula’s, and Mom’s.

This Bath is the reason Mothering Herbs was created. After my first child was born, I literally couldn’t walk. My parents went into their yard and picked healing herbs and made a sitz bath for me. Within 12 hours of using the sitz bath I was able to walk and feeling much better! I wanted to make sure women could have access to such a healing herbal product. And Mothering Herbs was born!

Sold in 3 ounce bags which is usually enough for several baths.

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  1. Motherin

    “I have to give kudos to Mothering Herbs. I have learned so much from Summer McCreless (owner) and she is always there with quality products and a wealth of knowledge. Lactation Tea, along with Postpartum Sitz Bath Herbs are my favorite gift to take to a mom either at home or in the hospital who is still recovering. I always know I am getting the freshest and best ingredients. Can’t wait to get my Home and Body Sprays and Lavender tomorrow. Thank You for all you do in getting the freshest, best ingredients to Momma’s before, during, and after their births.” A. Hallmark

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