Sweet Water Organics Organic Face and Body Care Line

We are VERY excited to introduce:

Sweet Water Organics: organic herbal infused face and body care products.

We have worked for months testing and retesting to create this amazing organic handcrafted line of body care products.
We have a rich and restorative night and a day lotion as well as a hydrating toner thay matches well with our herbal mask, under eye balm, and soaps. Every product is handcrafted in small batches using the finest organic herbal ingredients. 

They can be found at Shoals Nail and Spa in Florence, Alabama or ordered right here from my online shop.
Contact me (summer@motheringherbs.com) for questions and to place orders.
We will also ship all over the USA!
Like, share, and try them out, we have had rave reviews for over a year  .