Solstice Basket




Eight limited edition handcrafted herbal products infused with herbs from our farm in a beautifully curated basket. Only 10 seasonally appropriate baskets available. Order yours today!Items:
Roots and Berries Syrup: packed with herbs and spices to help you stay well.
Bonfire Cider: made with fresh herbs from our farm
Solstice Tea: Holy Basil was grown on our farm and enriches the nourishing and stress reducing herbs in this special blend.
Yule Log Soap made in a small batch with organic oils and essential oils. Will remind you of gathering the Yule log in forests of long ago.
Clearing for the New Year Mist: Cedar, Sage, and Sweetgrass freshly harvested from our farm and carefully infused in organic Witch hazel with organic essential oils.
Balm for All Times: Comfrey, Plantain, violet, echinacea, holy basil, lavender, and rosemary from our farm infused in organic olive oil and blended with Shea butter and grapeseed oil to create a healing and soothing balm for all times.
Warming Balm: freshly harvested Comfrey, Plantain, rosemary, holy basil, cedar, and cayenne pepper with rosemary, peppermint, wintergreen, and ginger essential oils blend to create a warming balm for aches, and any areas that need gentle warming.
organic Shea and Mango Butter, Herbal infused Olive oil, coconut oil, and peppermint essential oil blended together to make a soothing lotion that melts into your skin to sooth and heal.


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