Mothering Herbs Herbal Subscription Boxes

Introducing Mothering Herbs Herbal Subscription Boxes: This is a monthly (or quarterly) subscription service that ships a box filled with herbal goodness directly to the subscriber’s door (or you can gift it to someone!). Herbal boxes contain all kinds of different items, including herbal balms, syrups, teas, kits, and other items that anyone who enjoys pampering, plant medicine, and/or herbalism will enjoy.
This year, why not make it easier on yourself and buy yourself or gift a subscription to Mothering Herbs Herbal Subscription Boxes, a gift that keeps on giving all year long.

We have several categories:
Pampering Box: receive something fun each month like a handcrafted herbal infused bath, body butter, lotion, scrub, serum, etc. This can be gifted to someone or yourself for one box , 12 boxes (one each month), or any variation between.

Herbalist box: Learn a new skill each month. Each box will contain an herbal product kit, with full instructions and hard to find ingredients. Learn how to infuse oils, honey, vinegar, create balms, lotions, oxemels, ciders, tinctures, basic plant identification, poultices, first aid, syrups, spa and pampering recipes and more! Sign up each month or gift someone or yourself with 3, 6, or 12 months (or anything in between) of herbal learning.

Specific Box: Control Freaks unite! Plan ahead which boxes you would like to arrive and when, what items you want in each box, etc. You decide as many details as you like.

Herbal Medicine Cabinet: Perfect for the individual or family that would like to herbalize their medicine cabinet. 12 months of items to create a fully stocked herbal medicine cabinet. Boxes contain herbal Healing Balm, Soothing Balm, Activated Charcoal Balm, Fire Cider, Elderberry Syrup, Activated Charcoal Soap, Bug Off herbal bug spray, Sun Soother Spray, Athletic Balm, Aches and Pain Balm, Herbal Cold Care Tea, Elderberries, Tranquil-a-Tea, and other items.

Surprise Boxes:
Mini Box: 2 to 3 items 25.00 each (will have at least a 25-35.00 value).

Herbal Healing Box: 5 to 7 items 40.00 each box (will have at least a 40-50.00 value).

All boxes include high quality, artisan-produced, hand-crafted organic or sustainably wild-crafted from our own organic farm, Herbal infused products.

The monthly subscription box costs $35.00, and comes with items valued at more than $50.  Some of the things that have appeared in the box include full size bottles of elderberry syrup (20.00), Sweetwater Organics Lotion (29-30.00), Healing Balm (12.00), Herbal Teas (8.00), Fire Cider (20.00), Holy Basil Tincture (15.00).
There is real joy in opening up a box to discover what herbal goodness is inside. That joy is something that can be spread out all year round, making it a great gift for the upcoming holidays. And, if you buy a 6 or 12 month subscription, you’ll receive a discount as well.

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